They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that's true, then the games we have to present today are rabid fangirls building shrines in their bedrooms to their favorite triple-A releases. Now, perhaps that's not fair to say. Clones have a place in modern gaming, especially when you consider their influence on popular titles. We wouldn't have half the excellent journeys we've seen over the past couple of years alone if someone didn't try to emulate the greats.

Mobile gaming is an arena in which we see this quite often, as well, especially among developers like Gameloft and Zynga. Their greatest hits may be carbon copies of the biggest hits of the year, but they know what they're doing. We're still buying and playing them, because we know we'll probably never see a mobile Halo or StarCraft. We play them because, despite our reservations, they're great games. If you've not yet delved into the world of clones, we strongly urge you to. Here are ten of the best to get you started, though be forewarned: this is an addiction that won't be easy to kick.

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