According to new survey data, one out of every five Americans will be "rich" at some point during their lives. The New York Post adds that this new category of rich folks goes well beyond that typical one percent, including people with a household income of $250,000 or more at some point during their lifetime. 

Even a their "brokest," this group still earns about $100,000 as a household, which is still lands them in the top 20 percent of earners. 

The numbers were gathered by Mark Rank for Chasing the American Dream and  will be published by the Oxford University Press. For these people, Rank says the "American dream" is simply a reality: "For many in this group, the American dream is not dead. They have reached affluence for parts of their lives and see it as very attainable, even if the dream has become more elusive for everyone else."

So if you're a room with four of your friends, at least one of you will be in great financial shape for at least part of their adult lives. Either be that person, or stay tight with them.

[via New York Post]