The only thing scarier than 10,000 year old elder dragons?

The dead eyed stare of Thomas the Tank Engine whistling as he incinerates an entire village.

Skyrim is one of the most accessible platforms for modders to create completely new content within the game. From Battletoads to a dragon that sounds like Macho Man Randy Savage, Skyrim provides an endless playground for amateur developers to create. 

This new fan-made mod, replaces all of Skyrim’s dragons with characters from theThomas the Tank Engine series.

The “Really Useful Dragons” mod can be grabbed from NexusMods or Steam, where its creator writes, “Some dragon spells replaced with more appropriate versions of said spells. You'll see what I mean.” What that means is that all of the original dragon roars have been replaced with a somehow more ominous train whistle. 

This. Is. Pure. Gold.

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(Via Daily Dot)