Project Spark, Microsoft’s new free-to-play game creator has a brand new intro video from developer Team Dakota as the open beta sign-up has begun.

Project Spark is a world creation game where everything is customizable, from terrain to character’s brains. Users will have access to unprecedented world-building power to create their own worlds, much like Minecraft, but populated with characters and plant life that is completely customizable harkening back to the days of ahead of it’s time games like Black & White. Users can choose to create worlds or travel to other user’s worlds and interacted with players and their created environments.

Project Spark will be available free to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners without an Xbox Live Gold membership, making it truly free.

Users who want to take part in the beta must have Windows 8.1 and the latest updates. Head over to the Project Spark website and get set to create.

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[Via OXM]