Coldwell Banker, a New Jersey-based real estate firm, is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that two agents took their sweet-ass time selling a couple's home, all so they could use it for their sex romps. 

Back in 2010, Richard and Sandra Weiner made arrangement to have Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan sell their Wayne, N.J. home. Lindsay advised them to list it way above market value at $650,000, which they did. While buyers were dodging the home like the plague, Lindsay and Phelan were busy having sex inside of it. At least 10 times. 

The details of how they got caught are hilarious:

The police opened the door to the house and found Lindsay pulling up his pants... Lindsay lied to police by telling them that he was there to prepare the house for an open house. … Instead, Lindsay and Phelan were at the house to have sex.

Lindsay and Phelan's fling cost them their jobs. Sex is never worth your career.

[via Gawker]