[UPDATED] As of December 27, 2013 Nintendo has announced that it will pull its eShop service offline starting at 4:00PM Eastern. The debut of the Pokemon X and Y's Pokemon Bank service is partly to blame for crippling Nintendo's servers. Services will reopen in North American on the morning of the 28.

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Nintendo's eShop appears to be scrapping along for some Wii U, 2DS and 3DS users who are receiving errors preventing them form creating a new Nintendo ID, which will keep them from using the Nintendo eShop or online features.

The eShop problems appear to be related back to a previous update that merge all the system's social networks, specifically the 3DS.

"The recent system update added the ability to link a Nintendo Network ID with a Nintendo 3DS family system," says a Nintendo support post. "This has become a popular feature and the number of users creating a Nintendo Network ID on their Nintendo 3DS and accessing the Nintendo eShop has been greater than anticipated. Because of this, there may be times when some users will experience service disruptions to the Nintendo eShop. If you are having problems accessing the Nintendo eShop, we ask that you try again at a later time."

This is just the latest in a series of minor hiccups to hit consoles over this holiday season when it's a good bet that lots of gamers received brand new handhelds and consoles this holiday season. But fear not! Nintendo fixed a nagging system error yesterday so it's a good bet that this one will be cleared up soon as well.

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