You'll see a lot of outrageous things while riding the subway in New York City, but L train passengers at Bedford Avenue were no doubt left puzzled by an uncomfortable-looking man wrapped in green paper yesterday. There's a reason for this, one that you don't have to chalk up to New York City's weird factor.

Julian Cole decided to share himself with the rest of New York City, so he created a mold of his own body, wrapped it up and placed it on the bench. That specific bench was selected to remind the MTA of the "2.4% population growth rate that is happening in Brooklyn" right now. It's basically a gift to the agency in the form of a message:

Dear MTA, Merry Christmas! Here's a present I am sure you are looking forward to opening. Add this one to the other 60,000 presents who have moved into the borough in the last 2 years! Best of luck with those extra trains services. Love, Brooklyn.

The MTA has promised to add more L trains during those undesirable, high-traffic travel times. This should light a fire under them.

[via Gothamist]