Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn was a chaotic scene on Thursday. Hundreds of teens stormed the building, running wild and allegedly shoplifting, terrorizing customers there to do peaceful post-Christmas shopping.

Uncertain of how to deal with the situation, only teens 18-years-old and above were allowed inside of the building on Friday, and they were only granted access if accompanied by an adult. This appears to be the new policy. Gothamist adds that extra security was on hand, mostly to check IDs and turn minors without adults away. 

This may seem like a safe, short-term solution, but is it really fair to punish every teenager for the actions of a few (ok, a few hundred) idiots? While extra security might be a necessary precaution in the interim, how long can they go on carding kids at a mall? Let's see how long this lasts.

[via Gothamist]