Humble Bundle is a game store that allows gamers to get lots of great titles on the cheap while donating to charities. Now Watsi, the crowdfunded healthcare non-profit, announced that Humble Bundle and the charitable minded gamers who patronize it have raised $1.5 million dollars to help get healthcare to the needy.

Humble Bundle offers up great games that customers can choose the total price of. The more charitable gamers are, the more games that get unlocked; all bundled up for you.

Watsi will use this donation to directly fund medical care for people around the world. This donation from Humble Bundle puts Watsi's total raised at $2.2 million to fulfill its mission to provide access to healthcare to every person on the planet.

“Watsi has been an amazing charity to work with,” said John Graham co-founder of Humble Bundle. “This unbelievable support we've received from...customers will enable Watsi to help many people and save lives.”

Watsi's founder Chase Adam said that because of these chargeable givings “more than 2,000 patients will receive life-changing medical care – from heart surgeries to burn treatments – because of Humble Bundle's donation to Watsi.”

Haven't caught on to Humble Bundle yet? Head over to get tons of great games on the cheap and help save the real world while your saving all those virtual ones.

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