Hotline Trail is a browser-based game that takes inspiration from the same psychedelic 1980s vibes as games like Hotline Miami. With a name like Hotline Trail you might expect an Oregon Trail themed coke dream. But Hotline Trail lands somewhere in between a racing game and LSD therapy. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Developer Rezoner has hit a sweet spot between challenging and stratifying as the game features a motorcycle charging down a technicolor space highway with cities, mountains and trees sprouting from the path. Players use the arrow keys to guide the fish-tailing chopper into the unknown while throbbing 80’s beats pump in the background and the incredibly deep voice directs players as to what’s coming up in a Candy Crush Saga type voice.

Hotline Trail has had a couple versions, the most memorable of which was Rooster Teeth’s Rage Quit of a previous version of the game that encouraged Rezoner to develop the game further; It’s very much NSFW.

It may take a few minutes to get the hang of Hotline Trail but once you hit the sweet spot it’s hard to stop. Players can also download the soundtrack separately; Play the browser-based Hotline Trail here.

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[Via RockPaperShotgun]