The Representation Group has released a video supercut which juxtaposes how the media has failed women alongside the strides female representation in mainstream media has made in 2013

High points for the year include Orange is the New Black, Catching Fire, and Keri Russel being the first black lead actress to be nominated for an Emmy in over a decade. Low points include..well, there are a lot of low points the video manages to cram in the brief three minute and forty second video.

The video has even been picked up by Time Magazine and currently has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. A minute or so into the video both Grand Theft Auto V and Dead Island are used as examples of how the media failed women. Implying that video games-like other forms of media- are responsible for said failure. 

The Representation Group highlights the marginalization and reinforced stereotypes against women found in film and media. You can watch the video above and draw your own conclusion as to whether GTAV  and the special edition of Dead Island are contributors to the media's failing of women in the year 2013.

Our review of Grand Theft Auto V talks about how both the male and female characters in the game are all basically terrible people.

Personally, three minutes and forty seconds hardly seems like enough time to document how often the media fails women.

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