Say goodbye to 2013, the year during which cable boxes and DVR subscriptions should have came with local therapist recommendations. In what was a superb year for television, the Grim Reaper made his presence felt, ridding the world of numerous characters on some of TV's most popular shows. And these weren't just "special guest stars" or those played by the actors billed near the end of the opening credits—the last 12 months saw the demises of several major players.

Many were anticipated, like a certain chemistry teacher turned crystal meth cook living in New Mexico; others were both unexpected and heartbreaking, like the son and wife of the late Eddard Stark who just wanted to make their fallen loved one proud. The one thing all of the past year's small-screen fatalities have in common, though: Fans of their respective shows are still reeling with PTSD.

Feeling their pain, Complex is here to help those traumatized viewers cope the best way we know how: by commemorating the biggest TV deaths of 2013 with personalized memes. It's only right.

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