The Nintendo Wii has a mixed legacy.
It was hyped as groundbreaking, but it was marketed towards non-gamers. It had a deep library, but many consumers didn't play anything beyond Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Despite being the top selling console of its generation, the Wii died a slow, agonizing death in its final year, at a time when many aging consoles are releasing their best games.
For the Nintendo faithful, however, the Wii birthed some of the quirkiest, most fun games in the past ten years - so long as one knew where to look. The Wii got flack for being overrated, but a closer look shows that it might have been underrated - there are scores of gems hidden beneath the shovelware. We're counting down the greatest games on the Wii. Strap on your controllers and choose your Mii. Wii would like to play.