Electronic Arts has rolled out the latest patch for Battlefield 4 aimed at fixing a dozen game-breaking bugs in routine gameplay. The Xbox 360 patch is out now, but gamers will have to manually download it.

To get the Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 update gamers will have to download the “multiplayer update 3” from the Xbox Live Marketplace, according to EA-DICE.

Some of the patch fixes include crashes that occur when exiting vehicles, wildly inaccurate bullet damage (the so-called one-hit-kill bug), dropping off the map, inoperable weapons and menu crashes.

The patch also brings back field upgrades “Indirect Fire” and “Perimeter Defense” that were originally taken out because of causing the game to freeze. This completes Battlefield 4’s full system patch rollout with PlayStation 3,4 and Xbox One users getting updates earlier this week. Users of both next-gen systems reported major game failures.

Battlefield 4 launched its most recent downloadable content update with China Rising earlier this week for Battlefield Premium players only. Check out the details here.

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[Via Polygon]