Have you been holding on tight to your smartphone, and holding off on a tablet? Amazon hopes to change your mind.

The company quietly released a new payment plan over the weekend that lets users pay for any Kindle Fire HDX in four installments over the a period of nine months—all without interest. The two different Fire HDX versions, the Kindle Fire HDX and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, go for $229 and $379, so this is a deal that a lot of people can likely work in between their phone bill and car payment pretty comfortably. The offer lasts until December 24, so there's only a few more days customers have left to decide to pull the trigger, but if they do choose to, all they have to do next is go to Amazon, pick out which version they want, and accept the offer. They'll then be charged a fourth of the retail price at checkout: $57.25 for the HDX and $94.75 for the HDX 8.9, and they'll subsequently be charged every 90 days for the next nine months after that. Simple enough, right? After capturing headlines during their 60 Minutes feature that covered their maybe cool, maybe illegal, delivery drones, Amazon is doing its best to receive as much brand recognition as possible during the holiday season.

With a deal like this, many people may be seeing the Amazon logo once they unwrap their presents this Christmas.

[via Gigaom]