In the official unboxing of the PlayStation 4, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida steps into a Daft Punk style future where the PS4 awaits. The unboxing was styled and almost shot for shot after the unboxing of Daft Punk latest record Random Access Memories, also released on Sony earlier this year.

Last week Sony graphically deconstructed its new console in a Dexter-like autopsy that just wouldn't stop. This time around all the parts stay on and we’re given a glimpse at the shiny new cords with their new cord smell.

If Sony’s unboxing is too sterile check out Francis, of Francis RAGE YouTube Fame, getting his Mountain Dew stained hands on the next-generation console and going buckwild over his new toy. “Suck it nerds!”

The PlayStation 4 drops on November 15 – this Friday – for $399 so lookout for more sexy unboxings and some very excited PlayStation fans.


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[Via Kotaku]