It was only a matter of a time before rising gas prices and dinnertime Instagrams took Friendsgiving from kitschy hipster ritual to its own full blown holiday. Now more than ever, urban twenty-somethings without money, time, or patience to travel back home are staying put and celebrating Turkey Day with their besties. 

In retrospect, it’s a surprise it took us this long to realize that spending a four-day weekend off with people we actually enjoy being around was a much better proposition than awkward banter with in-laws who never remember our names (despite liking every photo we’ve uploaded to our Facebook wall). It only took a year for the Pilgrims to ditch Squanto and the Indians; maybe it’s time to cut ties completely and make Friendsgiving the de facto November dinner. 

Here’s ten reasons Friendsgiving > Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll see you at Christmas. That is, until Festivus comes into its own.