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Making out is like a snowflake, the variables will never be the same and each time it’s something completely different. Whether it’s a drunken slob fest at the bar, or finally getting that special someone alone in your basement when your parents are away—each time is unique.

But in order to make sure you have someone to lock lips with, you need to do a few things first. First you need to make sure you have showered and smell good, because you are going to get really close to the other person, and pick something out to wear.

Second, you need to chose an activity that has the best likelihood of leading to you making out, like a movie and dinner, or if you already know it’s going down—have the perfect location in mind. Nothing is worse than having nowhere to go.

You've done everything right so far and can feel the chemistry is in the air but you aren't sure how to initiate. That’s where the right tunes can set the mood and get the ball rolling. Complex has put together a list of tracks just for the occasion. These are 50 Songs To Make Out To.

Listen to Complex's Songs To Make Out To playlists here: YouTube/Spotify/Rdio

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