Being locked in solitary confinement for twenty years would make anyone crazy, especially if you have no idea why it's even happening. Well, that's precisely the situation Joe Doucett (Josh Brolin) finds himself in Spike Lee's new film, Oldboy, the eagerly anticipated reinterpretation of the 2003 masterpiece. Finally freed after 20 years of unexplained imprisonment, Joe at long last has his chance to get some answers as to who was behind his agonizing ordeal—and why they made him endure it. But 20 years in solitary hasn't made Joe crazy. It's just made him really, really angry.

While the film isn't opening until November 27th, you can check out a slick new three-part graphic prequel series that's debuting on IGN now called Oldboy: The Devil’s Eyes. This prequel trilogy sheds some light on the origins of one of the film's most vicious figures, Chaney (Samuel L. Jackson), and how exactly he became the sinister caretaker of the private "hotel" where people like Joe are cruelly, and illegally incarcerated. 

Part 1 of the series, "The Rat," introduces a desperate Chaney as he seeks protection after he's served up as the fall guy to law enforcement authorities. Part 2, "The Line," focuses on Chaney's early days at the strange prison/hotel, under the auspices of the insanely sadistic Warden Wilkes. The series culminates in part 3, "The Stand," which features the bloody demise of Wilkes, and the rise of Chaney as he takes his place as the facility's new warden. 

Oldboy: The Devil’s Eyes is not to be missed, and you can see it now by clicking here. And be sure to check out Spike Lee's Oldboy when it hits theaters November 27th.