Depressed you weren't able to secure your next-gen console this week?

These Nintendo cartridge flasks may be just what you need to drown your sorrows and provide a sense of nostalgia to put those problems to rest. At least for the short term.

Designed by Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey LLC, the Nintendo cartridge flasks started as a Kickstarter project but has already reached it's funding goal and has begun processing orders. Based on some of the most classic Nintendo games including Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Metal Gear and The Legend of Zelda, these flasks are shaped exactly like the cartridges you grew up with just with a play on words for the titles.

For those interested in copping, Drunk Hunt is available for $15 while Super Bar-Hop Bros, CastleVodka, Metal Beer and Legend of Drink all have a $20 price point respectively. There's also special gold edition of Legend of Drink which is priced at $50.

Order's are expected to arrive by March 2014, so head over to their Kickstarter page to grab your own and get more information on the project.

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