Assassin’s Creed IV may be barely off the shelf (the next-gen version, anyway) but Ubisoft already has grand plans underway for the next-gen future of their venerable historical adventure series. This is definitely a good thing, considering the breath of fresh air that Black Flag’s naval gameplay lent the series was some of the most fun AC has been in years – which also makes the relative lack of evolution in the series’ overall mission structure and gameplay style feel that much, well, older.

Speaking with Gamereactor, Black Flag lead game designer Jean-Sebastien Decant said the next installment in the series will be a bit more advanced.

“We cannot tell you that we're happy and this is how we want the game to be and we're going to do ten more games with exactly that same gameplay. No, we are unhappy. We want to do more,” Decant said during the interview. “We want to refine on the combat side, on the parkour, on the stealth.”

Nothing against Black Flag – it’s still a great game – but one that was made before Ubisoft knew exactly what they were working with on next-gen, which is pretty obvious given its mostly aesthetic touch-ups. Decant also said the increasingly social element of whatever console gaming is becoming may shape the next Assassin’s Creed, as well, though it’s still up in the air exactly what form that will take.

Still, if you think Assassin’s Creed’s now over six-year-old mechanics need a shot in the arm, this sounds promising. Check out the full interview at the link below.

Via Gamereactor