One of the most annoying things that can happen as a new smartphone owner is pulling your brand new device out of your pocket and seeing fresh scratches on its body thanks to the things in your pocket. Once you get over kickin' yourself for messing up your phone, you'll probably turn to get a cover or sticker to cover it up—all which mean spending more money.

But what about a phone that would help protect your from your mistakes? That's what the LG G Flex went out to do. The company equipped the phone with a self-healing coating that will help remove scratches that might pop on its backplate. YouTube user Marque Brownlee tested the Flex self-healing capabilities in this new video, which is pretty impressive. No telling where this technology might take us, and how much better it might become in coming years. The Flex is also one of the new curved smartphones that will soon be released on the market (one of the other phone's is the Samsung Round), and Brownlee tests out how flexible the Flex actually is, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.