Love your music as much as you love the planet?

House of Marley's Liberate is a lightweight, stylish headphone that will meet your need for good sounds while not taking too much of a toll on the environment. Its four-foot tangle-free cord won't leave you frustrated and is easy to store, and comes with a mic and controller that will work with your smartphone for calls and volume control. The device itself is built with earth friendly materials, such as cloth and certified wood, which add to its cool, casual look. It isn't flashy and shiny like a lot of the other headphones on the market, and because it doesn't pack all that extra material, it's light on your ears and comfortable. 

The bass kicks in at higher volumes, but you don't want to kick it up too loud if you're in an office or quiet area. A portion of the proceeds goes to the 1Love global charity, so why not groove to them? Pick them up on Amazon for $99. 

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