It's hard to fathom how a movie that's about a man being surgically tranformed into a walrus could possibly get any weirder, but, leave it to Kevin Smith—he'll find a way. And, judging by these behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, he has. 

In these new pics from the set of Tusk, via Smith's Instagram, we get our first look at the film (stuffed toy walrus in the background of every shot?) as well as our first look at the cast—and yes, folks, that rugged man up there is exactly who you think he is. The Sixth Sense kid Haley Joel Osment, all grown up and with a five o'clock shadow to boot. We already knew that the kid was going back into acting, but who could have guessed he'd be looking so much adult? 


Tusk, as previously reported, will focus on a man who is surgically transformed into a walrus by a mad scientist. Apparently, it's based off of the true story of a guy with a walrus fetish who posted a Craigslist ad searching for a roommate who would agree to dress up as a walrus everyday in exchange for free rent—you know, if that ad was mixed with The Human Centipede and Frankenstein, or something. 

You can check out the photos above. Tusk should hit theaters sometime in 2014.

[via Joblo]