Horror has had a presence in video games almost as long as the medium has been around. By the time survival horror hit its heyday in the mid-‘00s, players had an embarrassment of spine-tingling riches to choose from, and as games have become more sophisticated the genre has only become more visually disturbing (even if the action bent isn’t necessarily as conducive to pure fear).

This three minute compilation chronicles a brief history of horror [NSFW!] in video games, from the Commodore’s Alien game (yes, that Alien) to Shinji Mikami’s upcoming next-gen gorefest The Evil Within.

If you can stomach the video – it’s pretty damn graphic, with some the medium’s most disturbing scenes (including Pyramid Head’s mannequin rape scene and Eileen’s horrifying disembodied “head” room from Silent Hills 2 and 4 respectively) – you may be interested in donating to the Kickstarter for Playing With Fear, a full-length documentary looking at horror in video games that this compilation was made for. The creators are asking for roughly $40,000 to get the project off the ground, with seven days left.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

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