A study claims that Brooklyn is the land of the most selective women in not only New York City, but the whole U.S. If this news made "Single Ladies" pop into your head, please cease to exist. Now. 

According to AYI.com, Brooklyn women are less likely to respond to online dating messages than any of their female counterparts around the nation. This comes after closely analyzing the tell-tale online dating interactions of nearly half-a-million people. The New York Post, always on the edge of sharp, investigative journalism, decided to hit the streets and find out why.

According to them, it's the men.

Bushwick native Rosalie Ryan says men lack the balls to approach women. "Brooklyn men don’t have enough confidence to just come up to you and ask you on a date," the 22-year-old said. She added that she had recently shut down her online dating account because the concept—and onslaught of thirst—had "ruined dating." But isn't the thirst to be expected when dating online? What did she expect?

The Post notes that men and their online approaches are far more well-received in cities like Las Vegas, Miami and St. Louis. So, in theory, you could take your weak-ass online game anywhere else and it just might work. Or people could just avoid online dating altogether.

This revelation of some Brooklyn women's extremely critical tastes in men won't discourage their suitors. Their allure is too powerfulas is the thirst.

[via New York Post]