Last night, because life is cruel and unusual, Family Guy said goodbye to one of its most beloved characters: Brian Griffin. Nope, not even an animated character can escape the jaws of death, or the evil of a hit-and-run driver.

If you'd been obsessively following the show at all, you knew this was coming. Showrunner Steve Callaghan told this year's Comic-Con audience his crew would be killing off a main character. But did it ever occur to you that it would hurt this freaking much? No.

As it goes with the five stages of grief, you're dwelling in denial. He's not dead. Haha. Good one, Seth MacFarlane! He can't be dead. He's the best friend ever. Look! Down there! Look. Dammit, I said look!

He'd cheer you up when you were feeling like a waste of life.

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He'd fight the system with you. 

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He'd test the laws of physics with you.

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He'd play with you. 

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He'd put up with your shit...

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...time and time again.



He'd call you out when you were on the brink of self-destruction...

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...yet he'd also say the most beautiful things to make you feel special. 

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He'd revel in a comfortable silence with you...

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...and be there to jump-high-five you during the happy moments.  

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But most of all, he'd never give you up, never let you down. 

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Rest in peace, Brian. May Faster Than the Speed of Love entertain all of doggie heaven's readers for the rest of eternity.

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