Today at Blizzcon 2013, Blizzard has announced Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA title that also pays a nod to the player created titles like Defense of the Ancients. Dustin Browder, vice president of both StarCraft 2 and the newly announced Heroes of the Storm had this to say about the new title.

“Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard the game,” said Browder. “A combination of all of our heroes and villains in one big battle to the death,” the company said during the opening ceremony. “It’s not just enough for us to pay homage to what our fans have created.

“We have to change the genre, Battlegrounds change the way people play.”

Two pieces of footage were revealed this afternoon. A trailer for Heroes of the Storm and an alpha of the game in action. Players will be able to battle as all of your favorite villains and heroes from the Blizzard universe. Diablo versus Kerrigan versus Nova from StarCraft is now a completely possible scenario.

The game will be available for play at Blizzcon and beta sign-ups will go live today.

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