There’s been a lot of talk about television characters dying lately. From the unsatisfying finale of Dexter to The Simpsons opting to lose a character, death is all around us. Now that the excitement over season premieres has died down, the Internet is ready to sharpen some knives. So, who deserves to go under the blade?

There are a number of reasons to get rid of a character. Sometimes, as with Game of Thrones, the book tells you to, but there are many more complex reasons that a character should go. Once vital characters can feel like a leaden weight on the story. An actor who seemed right for the part might not find a tone and rhythm that works with the rest of the cast. Nasty offscreen behavior might trump the character’s onscreen value. Whatever the reason, sometimes characters just have to go. We’ve put together a list of the characters we think should meet their maker for the good of the shows they’re on. Your sacrifice will not have been in vain, extraneous characters: we will think of you whenever we avoid inane subplots and ridiculous story arcs. Here are 25 TV Characters Who Should Be Killed Off.

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