How was your Comic Con? Happen to catch the Batman: Arkham Origins panel? If you answered yes, stop showing off, nobody likes a braggart.

Troy Baker, the man behind Joel in the The Last of Us and Booker DeWit in Bioshock Infinitetalked a little bit about his audition for The Joker. Ever since Mark Hamill retired from the role, there was no shortage of skepticisim around the selection of a new Joker.

The most amazing part of Baker's appearance on the panel was his performance of The Joker's monologue from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Baker kills it and none of us should be worried about his direction for the role. The monologue comes from the scene where The Joker forces Commissioner Gordon to look at pictures of his now paralyzed daughter, Barbara. 

Watch this and realize that wise decsions have been made.

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(Video via CBM)