Titanfall is not coming to the PS4. Not in a 'not a launch title' capacity either. It's NEVER coming to a Sony console.

Titanfall's exsclusivity is not timed across consoles, Microsoft has locked down the title to be a permanent fixtue for devices that only enrich Bill Gates. Yesterday, in a conference call with investors, Electronic Art's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen, confirmed publicly that only Microsoft’s consoles, and PC, will retain full exclusive rights for Titanfall. That means Sony and future PlayStation 4 owners will never get behind the sticks of a Titan.

“In the case of Titanfall, it’s a brand new IP [intellectual property], and it’s exclusive only — through the life of the title — for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC,” said Jorgensen.

Which means even if the title somehow flops (it's won't) the blowback will sit firmly with Respawn, EA, and Microsoft. The game has impressed nearly everyone who has spent any time with it and whatever Microsoft spent on locking Titanfall down was money well spent. If you haven't seen the new trailer feel free to watch it on a loop as all of your mech fantasies come true right here.

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