The Wall Street Journal is reporting that it is next to certain that tomorrow we will see a Retina iPad Mini. Now we just need to figure out what colors it's going to come in. (Gold. Cough. Goold.)

We still don't have a date of release yet, but tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT, Apple will be hosting an event in San Francisco where they will likely unveil these two new iPad models, and perhaps some new Macs and a Mavericks OS update as well. Though we don't have a concrete number for the prices of each device, the WSJ reports that the prices will simply be "more."  But with the holiday season just about to go into full swing, we're sure Apple isn't too worried about a little thing like that. Also, it seems that Apple has been working on a keyboard that's similar to Microsoft's Surface keyboard, which may also be shown tomorrow alongside the reportedly thinner, lightweight iPad 5. 

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[via Gizmodo]