For some of you, Drambuie may mean little more than being the key ingredient of a Rusty Nail. But this time-honored liqueur has so much more to offer than you might expect. A unique blend of Scotch Whisky, spices and heather honey — the exact recipe for which has been a closely guarded secret for centuries — Drambuie is just as much a part of the rich Highlands tradition as its single malt and blended cousins. In fact, Drambuie was first created as a drink for Scottish royalty, and its very name is derived from a Gaelic phrase meaning “The Drink that Satisfies”.

So, what sort of cocktail concoctions can be derived using Drambuie? More than you likely realize. How about a Drambuie and Ginger Ale? All it requires is one part Drambuie, three parts ginger ale, and the juice of two lime wedges, all combined in a tall glass with ice. Its simple to execute, but the result is the epitome of refreshment with an edge. 

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