We've all been there. Bored on your commute to work, stuck in traffic during a road trip, delayed at the airport. All of these scenarios lead to taking out your beloved smartphone and spending countless lost hours attempting to beat your high score in whatever mobile game your subjecting yourself to that particular week. Then your there, on the verge of shattering personal bests and moving onto another inevitable time waster of a game. Typically then the controls lag or just doesn't give the precision or accuracy of your typical gaming controller, leading to another failed attempt, a crushing blow to your ego and phone pieces scattered on the floor. Fear not, help is on the way.

MOGA is in the works of creating a iPhone compatibile gamepad with a built in battery that could potentially solve your mobile gaming problems. A photo was leaked today, previewing the gamepad with and attached iPhone that was powered by a 1800mAh battery (standard portable device battery).

The controller includes your traditional D-pad on the left, buttons on the right, dual thumb sticks on either side and triggers on it's shoulders. It looks as if it was based off a Xbox 360 controller with a docking space in the middle to place your phone. The design is also very similar to that of the MOGA Pro controller, which was designed to work for Android phones.

MOGA is attempting to revolutionize mobile gaming and become spearheads in the newest wave of gaming. In June of this year, Apple announced that iOS 7 software would support third party controllers.

Looks as if MOGA is trying to get a jump on the competition and this news could lead to more major titles making their mobile debut.

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[Via: Polygon]