A good piece of advice is to become friends with the janitors, IT people, and cafeteria workers. Most employees don't take the time to be personable towards them, even viewing them as having a lower status. They couldn't be more wrong. If you get on their good sides you will benefit from untold riches.

Befriending the IT Person involves some work. Usually, a plate of homemade baked goods is enough to get them on your side. However, if you can patiently suffer through one of their terrible stories about LARPing or RAID arrays or the time they hacked the state government's website, you will be set for life. Does your company have computer usage tracking software? They'll let you know how to get around it or what triggers alarms for an audit. Want a program installed that requires an administrator? They've got you. Want an extra monitor or computer upgrade? They can make it happen with ease. The insight you'll gain from their intimate knowledge of the company's infrastructure far outweighs the time wasted hearing them ramble on about parsing SQL queries. Get them to install a video game or pirated copy of Photoshop to help pass the time.