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Before Grand Theft Auto V’s launch in September, Rockstar Games released a series of activities that Los Santos residents could take part in. One of those featured Health and Wellness images a creepy yoga instructor sexually assaulting several women. We decided at that moment that we were going to hunt this guy down and bash his head in, thankfully Rockstar thought the same thing. In the single player game we get to do just that, after being forced to take part in yoga this dude tries to take Michael’s wife. But Michael looks at this is a positive experience and opens up a new world of relaxing yoga.

There are two locations to attempt yoga in Los Santos and Blaine County, one being Michael’s own poolside and the other the beautiful sunset overlook of Mount Gordo. Which also happens to be a great place to punch hikers off cliffs. We traveled to both locals to get a full sense of the range of peacefulness our little red matt and colored candles had to offer.

Most of us found being forced to do virtual yoga a new and bizarre experience, not really fun but not boring either; god help us, we think me might have liked it. So lets take a second look, why in the world would anyone want to do yoga in GTA V and which is worse, the real life contortionist yuppie past time or GTA’s version?

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