So..what have you been playing? Pikmin 3 on the Wii U?, cool, cool.

Well the rest of the planet has been playing Grand Theft Auto V, and more specifically attempting to access the other 50% of the the game with GTA Online. The results, as per Rockstar's caveat, have been bumpy. Slow load times, overwhelmed servers, and a general cluster-fuck have been what's greeted players attempting to play the online component. 

Which is fine. This is, after all, a massive petri dish on Rockstar's part and if ever there was a publisher with goodwill to spare, it's Rockstar. Expect slow lobbies and the occasional boot from a server, but give it a day, Rockstar is basically the Google of game developers and they've got all of this well in hand. That being said the animal kingdom is not so easily placated.

The Animal Kingdom's Response to Grand Theft Auto Online as Expressed in GIF Form has been swift and damning.

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