EVE Online is a truly mind-blowing space simulation. Launched back in 2003 and updated most recently in 2013 with Odyssey, it's a massively multiplayer online world with over seven thousand star systems to explore. But with a game this massive it also can very get complex so CCP, EVE's developer, is launching in-depth training sessions to get new players up to speed.

EVE Online got some press earlier this year when a huge space battle was being fought for nearly a month. Thousands of ships and players took part in a campaign of galactic annihilation on a Star Wars scale. In one five-hour battle 2,900 ships and the virtual lives of the players inside them, where destroyed.

The training sessions are designed to help get new players up to speed on the complicated universe of EVE. Sessions will last an hour and are built on the game's tutorial missions. Training  will be focused on month-long themes like "fitting your ship" or "combat basics."

Always wanted to a star pilot but were too daunted by the decade-old EVE universe? Now is the perfect time to get started. Check out the full schedule of training sessions here and free trial details.

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