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Danny Brown knows Detroit. Its idiosyncracies are not lost on the rapper, who has both a deep affection for the Motor City and such a clear view of its shortcomings that he cannot overlook them.

"Home is irreplaceable at the end of the day because it’s home," says Brown. "I’ve been around the world. Detroit is not the most beautiful place, but I have to love it because I’m still coming back home to it." 

Brown's refusal to adhere to the status quo, a philosophy that informs his genre-defying music, allows him to appreciate his home without being limited by it. We asked him to share his thoughts on Detroit's decline and how the fallen city can rise. He did that and more, giving us a virtual tour of his Motor City staples. "Detroit is cheap man," Brown says. "You can ball out here. Ain’t nobody got nothing. So if you got a little something, you got everything." 


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