It's a cold world out there for your boy Jerry O'Connell—actually, it's not. At all. Because he goes wakes up next to Rebecca Romijn every morning, and is a Hollywood star. But O'Connell isn't feeling so hot these days, since his CBS sitcom We Are Men was just cancelled after only one epic failure of an episode. The fall 2013 season's second casualty, We Are Men—which co-starred Kal Penn and Tony Shalhoub—joined ABC's similarly one-and-out drama series Lucky 7 into the land of future TV blogger punch lines, where it'll rest in misery alongside The Playboy Club, Work It, and Rob.

If history repeats itself, there will be more Nielsen ratings' victims joining Lucky 7 and We Are Men in the near future. Will Sean Hayes, Blair Underwood, and/or James Caan need to call Jerry O'Connell for an unemployed guys' night out soon? Based on the most recent ratings numbers for their respective new shows, O'Connell should keep his schedule open—in other words, keep doing what he's doing.

Which of the new fall 2013 TV shows is the next We Are Men? In the latest installment of our weekly Cancellation Watch breakdown, we've ranked the strongest contenders from the show least likely to get the ax to the one that's most in danger of making Jerry O'Connell feel a little better about himself.

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