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Stars: Rob Schneider, Cheech Marin, Claudia Bassois, Diana Maria Riva, Eugenio Derbez, Lupe Ontiveros

Frankly, it’s a shock that Rob even lasted eight episodes—smart money would’ve been on a three-ep run, a la NBC’s similarly canned The Playboy Club. That’s nothing to be proud of, though; with nary a genuine laugh to give, the perpetually unfunny Rob Schneider’s fish-out-of-water sitcom flopped around like a dying trout—or maybe that best describes the viewers’ reactions.

Keeping up his trademark buffoonery at the expense of every ethnic type in any given census report, Schneider targeted Mexicans in Rob, playing a tool with OCD who marries into a Mexican-American family, overseen by the shameless Cheech Marin. Cue the onslaught of stereotypes and obvious look-at-the-white-guy punch lines. And the ringing of Adam Sandler’s iPhone as Schneider calls him to beg for a role in the next Happy Madison production.