You know which video games would be better starring Drake? All of them.

We already know what Drake would look like spandexed up and running the squared circle of a Def Jam Vendetta remake but what about something with a more pronounced dramatic arc? A plot that delivers a hefty narrative and incorporates the one Canadian who'smore famous than Michael Meyers? With Drake's recent release of Nothing Was The Same, and his two previous and equally awesome studio albums, Drake has cemented himself as one of the kings of contemporary hip-hop's slippery hill.

To extend his brand past a quick FIFA 14 commercial cameo, Drake should start diversyfying his media holdings and get his bright smiling, photogenic mug on some video game box art. It's going to become a rap trend sooner or later, so why not be the early bird?

Here are six video games that would benefit with a hefty injection of the Degrassi Alumni. Peep our picks of Video Games Made Better With an Appearance by Drake.

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