Air date: December 2010

Fox New's comedy show Red Eye is a response to The Daily Show and the The Colbert Report in concept only. As if Larry the Cable Guy and Dennis Miller weren't doing enough to prove that conservative humor simply isn't funny, Red Eye has swooped in to ensure that no one ever makes the mistake of believing neo-cons can make you laugh again. Though Fox News pundits never shy away from reminding you just how much they support our troops, apparently that support doesn't extend to our homosexual servicemen.

In the clip below, Ann Coulter proposes an all-gay division of the military "with the ice sculptures and the Liza Minelli and the cravats." Andy Levy won't stand for Coulter's comments, and responds "we don't stereotype gays here." Rather than pursue Coulter further, one of the panelists makes another gay joke to diffuse the situation: a classy end to a classy segment.