For travelers coming to town for the Austin City Limits Festival this month (or Fun Fun Fun Fest or the F1 Grand Prix in November, South by Southwest in March, the X Games next May, or any of the many festivals the city hosts), being out late and hungry is inevitable. Spending all day at an outdoor event then going to afterparties until the bars close down doesn't leave time for three square meals, and the snacks between bands hardly suffice.

Fortunately, Austin eats as heartily as it parties, and has as many late-night dining options as it does festivals. Thanks to the large student population of the University of Texas and a lively downtown bar district centered on Sixth Street, a demand for 24-hour food has long existed in Austin. A healthy (and not-so-healthy) selection of restaurants remains open all night long to feed those who by necessity or choice find themselves looking to dine after the bars have closed (but before the continental breakfast is out in the hotel lobby). So when everywhere else is closed, this guide will point you to places where something's always cooking, whether you're looking for a full breakfast or a place to grab tacos on the way back to the hotel.

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