It's D-Day for Battlefield 4 and you can almost hear the endless clips being emptied in the far-off background. With console and PC gamers ready to push virtual wigs back, we've got something special to celebrate the keyboard and mouse soldiers specifically. 

Complex and Razer is are giving away a special edition Battlefield 4 PC Gaming set that includes:

  • 1 Battlefield 4 branded Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard.
  • 1 Battlefield 4 branded Razer Taipan gaming mouse.
  • 1 Battlefield 4 branded Razer BlackShark gaming headset.
  • 1 Battlefield 4 branded Razer Destructor mousepad.
  • Battlefield 4 branded Razer messenger bag.
  • Battlefield 4 branded Razer iPhone 5 protection case. 

TODAY ONLY from 3pm to 5pm (ET), head to @ComplexVG on Twitter and we're going to play a friendly game of trivia. Here's how it'll work:

- At 3pm (ET), @ComplexVG will tweet out a question (HINT: The answer is in this very blog post).
- Reply to us with the correct answer using the hashtag #complexrazergiveaway.
- Wait 'til 5pm when we announce the winner of the Battlefield gaming set from the gods at Razer.

Only one entry per person will count, and the winner gets one prize (about $400). Winner must be a @ComplexVG follower.

Got all that? Then head to @ComplexVG, tweet your answer along with the hashtag #complexrazergiveaway. Good luck!

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