For those of us who have tablets but still like holding on to our physical books, it's could be hard time choosing what to get digitally, and what to pick up physically. 

Amazon is trying to help out with that problem by launching Kindle MatchBook, a service that lets you get cheap versions of the books you've already purchased through Amazon. Prices go from free to $2.99, which is better than buying a bottle of soda (and better for your health.) Not every book is eligible under the program, but the good news is that there are 70,000 books that are, with more being added everyday. When you purchase a book now, you'll be able to see when that specific title will be out on MatchBook. And we're not just talking about books you've purchased last week, or last month, but every book you've purchased through Amazon since you first opened your account. So, even if you lost that certain book after you let your high school friend borrow it, you may now be able to get it back on your Kindle. Check it out here to see what books you can get.

[via The Verge]

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