Metacritic: 82/100

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That expression was practically invented for Final Fantasy XIII. One of the most beloved franchises in video games became one of the most disappointing with this entry, which tasked pink-haired Lightning and her friends with running down linear corridors for several dozen hours of gorgeous but empty environments. Combat, on the other hand, involved mashing one button over and over until your thumb fell off or the game ended, whichever came first.

It was all flash; unfortunately, it wasn't a flash in the pan, as Square Enix followed it up with, of all things, a direct sequel—despite hardly any Final Fantasy games, much less the worthy ones, getting those—and another follow-up called "Lightning Returns." Because everyone was dying for that to happen.

And then there was Final Fantasy XIV, which was so bad they had to cancel it post-launch so they could finish developing it. Now who's excited for Final Fantasy XV/? Square Enix cannot take a hint.