University of Iowa student Samantha Goudie's superlative will be drunkest undergrad ever, and she couldn't be more proud of herself. Goudie, 22, was arrested prior to the contest (per her brother, she never tried to run onto the field as reported) between her Hawkeyes and the Northern Illinois Huskies. (Northern Illinois won, for the record.) She was so hammered that authorities say she was "unsteady on her feet" when they carted her off to jail. Hey, college life, right?

A breathalyzer test was administered, and Goudie reportedly blew a .341. Jesus Christo, this girl can drink. Anyway, like a true '90s baby, she decided to tweet through it:

Since the arrest, she's accrued 6,000 new Twitter followers and counting. She's spent the last couple of days tweeting about her experience and retweeting compliments from guys who want a girl that enjoys being the life of the party. Unfortunately for them, Goudie gave her heart to the bottle:

She breaks hearts, liquor bottles and records. Sam, we salute you and your lust for life. We know that's how you Hawkeyes get down.

[via New York Post]