For those unfamiliar with the former Florida-based attorney, Jack Thompson has been crusading against video games for a number of years he's written letters, books and has filed endless law suits against video game companies with the intent of censoring the titles he believes are destroying the youth's moral sensibilities. 

In 2008, Thompson was disbarred for "cumulative misconduct, a repeated pattern of behavior relentlessly forced upon numerous unconnected individuals, a total lack of remorse or even slight acknowledgment of inappropriate conduct," by Judge Dava Tunis.

Jack is back and this time, his nemesis is Grand Theft Auto V

Since the video game's release last week, Thompson has been making the rounds linking the Washington DC Navy yard shooting by Aaron Alexis and other tragedies to GTA V. "What Grand Theft Auto did for the first time, was to give you—in effect—360 degrees of capability to go anywhere in this virtual world and do anything that you wanted as long as it was violent" Thomspon said on a recent episode of the Pat Campbell show on KFAQ in Oklahoma. "There is a freedom in the Grand Theft Auto game that is incredible. It is anarchic, it is unlimited and it is unspeakably violent and sexual." 

Thompson also revealed that he is working together with an unnamed person in congress to stiffen laws around video game sales. It looks like things are about to get really interesting in the coming months.