In a world that values conformity over originality, it's easy to forget how unique you truly are. Cigna wants to fight back against that and encourage everybody to celebrate the traits that make us each one-of-a-kind--whether we view them as quirks or perks, foibles, or flaws. Your originality is valuable and Cigna wants you to Copyright it!

That's why they created Copyright You. Through a new app the company has designed for its Facebook page, you can take an image of yourself and emblazon it with a prominent and powerful ©, letting others know that you are wholly original, and cannot be duplicated. You can then share the image with friends, use it as your profile pic, and add it to Cigna’s growing gallery of one-of-a-kind individuals.

To Copyright You now, visit, and follow these simple instructions:

1. Select "pick a photo." A window will appear, asking for access to your Facebook profile. Select “Okay.” Copyright You will then scan your profile photos to find your face.
2. Click the arrows to the right and left of your photo to see all of your options.
3. Once you’ve found the one you want to use, select “Copyright Yourself.”
4. Write a custom message, then click “Share” to post the image to your wall.
5. Share it with friends via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or email by selecting the corresponding icons.
6. Select “Add it to your album” to make it your Facebook profile picture!

Cigna believes there’s nothing healthier than embracing your original, authentic self. So Copyright You now!